When Your Passion is Your Determination

Before I realized what I enjoyed, I was just a part of a system. My fear of stepping off the cliff into deeper territory always came with rejection, self-doubt and confusion.There is also a risk of uncertainty. Nevertheless, I decided that if I wanted to live in my purpose, that risk was worth taking. What am I here for and what will it take for me gain clarity? Those who have never risked anything have never done anything. In my journey, I have realized that the real risk is doing nothing. In taking that risk, I've learned the following things.

1. You have no problem working overtime.  When you enjoy what you do, time is not an issue nor a worry. You take pride in what you do and you work until the task is completed. No exceptions!

2. You are constantly seeking ways to make it better. Unfortunately, when you are passionate about something, you may run into perfection. This perfection can hold you back from many things. I have found when I don't commit to perfection, not only do I get more done, but I accomplish more towards my goals.

3. You get up early and go to bed late. Again, time is of the essence for you to accomplish your goals. Therefore, neglecting of oneself may take place. It's important to keep your health in check because if your heatlh isn't right, your passion may never get accomplished. Sleep is essential to success. Yet, those who live in their passion find early mornings and late nights a normal way of life and their body and life adjust to it..

4. You don't mind being corrected or misunderstood. When you are passionate about something, it will take over your life. Therefore, it's important to find balance in what you do. If given advice, it must be looked at objectively and subjectively. Is it best for you or will it deter your plans towards your goal? People always misunderstand what they are not familiar with. You personally must be clear on what it is you are attempting to achieve and why.

5. You are willing to let everything that attempts to hold you back go. You are focused on your goals and accomplishments. Everything that is going on around you isn't important unless it involves you working in your passion. Hanging out use to be your lifestyle. Now you see a greater vision that can't be separated by nonsense. A lack of focus no longer exist. If it doesn't improve you mentally, doesn't uplift you spiritually or help you make more money, you literally find no need to be involved.

The evolution of change and divine order always has a purpose in our life. Whether we pay attention to the instructions or not, somehow it will haunt us unconditionally until we take notice. When you are determined to achieve and your passion gives you energy, stay focused and press on.

I am Nichelle Womack, your life transition, and business strategist. I aim to make you think through your thoughts, live without excuses and create a life filled with happiness, success, and financial reward. Join me on live on Periscope, Instagram and Twitter @NichelleWomack or download the podcast on iTunes @ The People Connect Podcast. Until next time, peace and blessings unto you.