When You Let Go and Just Be

Sooooo... for so long I struggled with a fear of heights. I wouldn't go near anything that was too high for me to jump, grab hold to or control.  Today I realeased that fear and did something that took my breath away. Look at what I would have missed if I had allowed my fear to control me. This changed my life forever and made me aware that I control my fear. Once you understand that, you can do anything, but fail. 

God gives us each the ability to soar in any and everything. We doubt ourselves which limits our growth. As of this day, my fear from heights has been reduced. I no longer will allow fear to keep me from living life free and to experience what once held me back. 

I challenge you to try something that freightens you. Make goals and keep them. Today is a great day to start.  Until next time, blessings and peace unto you. 

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