How to Improve the POWER of You!


On a daily basis individuals are searching for secrets to health, wealth and happiness. In this search, they neglect key indicators that could be the stumbling blocks to success. Most don’t understand the simple aspect of recognizing who they are and what contributions they can make at improving their own personal life. It’s not a secret, but the catch many are missing is understanding self. Once this is understood, you would then have the knowledge to be both successful in personal and business relationships. Like everything leading to success, this begins with a plan.  Whether you’re anticipating improving your relationship with your spouse or family member, or move up the corporate ladder, this is all a result of personal growth. Individual growth starts with doing your best at every moment, in your career, home, or daily activities. Setting goals, no matter how small, enables you to soar to new heights and give you the confidence to accomplish more.

Many times, individuals stay hung up on other people’s expectations on what it is to be successful without factoring in their wants and desires.  Each of us has another idea of what makes us content.  It's important to acknowledge that if you spend most of your time and effort trying to reach another person’s goals, then you will find yourself perpetually searching for your life meaning and you will continue to be distressed.  Recognizing what is important is the first step to improving your personal life.

Balance is a key factor to a successful life. Some individuals don't see the concept of success beyond their own needs.  Frequently we're caught up in serving a dominant function, which overshadows our natural strengths. This results in stress and imbalance in your life. Learning to do things for yourself and your own needs are vital to improving your personal life. If you're always doing for others and seldom take time out for you, then you're building stress rather than improving your life. Your happiness should come first. It’s quite difficult to make others happy if you are unhappy yourself. Finding it hard to say no to others becomes more common and you will find yourself so engulfed by the needs of others, you forget you have needs too. This is a common human trait. You must learn to have an even balance in your life with everything you do and center on what you want. It’s not selfish, but necessary to live a stress free, purpose filled life.

Putting yourself down consistently, finding it hard to accept compliments and wishing you were someone else are simple examples that you may be sabotaging your life into depression. Encouraging positive self-talk with yourself and to other people, not speaking negative about yourself and other people are vital to establishing personal self-pride. Understanding that no matter what, you're ok with you. Improving your self-confidence is extremely important when improving your personal life. This will require putting your positive beliefs in perspective and making it a priority. Day after day you must work on removing the negative thoughts and the limiting self-beliefs you have grown accustomed to hearing. Believing in you is medicine to your soul and the cure you need to succeed.

Surround yourself with encouraging and motivating people. Discouraging people have an opposite agenda of what you need in your life and you must recognize who they are immediately. By taking small steps to do these things, you will begin improving your personal life without even realizing it. The key to success is to be constantly moving toward and forward in your goals. Learn steps to move ahead, stop looking back and refuse to be a victim of your past. Even though the past is important, you want to avoid lingering over past mistakes. Your mistakes should be learning tools and stepping stones towards your constant progress. Use them, learn from them and move ahead without hesitation.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be?" Marianne Williamson


In essence, when you surround yourself with positive influences, it helps you to gain the power of processing and focusing in on your life. You deserve to have control. Don’t allow others to define your existence or claim your life’s purpose. Work hard on being a better, in control you in all you do. Some people will come and others will go. Nevertheless, understand who you are and don’t give anyone authority to define you in any of life’s capacity without your authorization. People can’t make you feel bad unless you give them permission.

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