Real Mother's Rock!

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The struggle is underrated AND underpaid!!

Being a parent that is. I mean a reaaaaal parent!! A mother to be exact. Anybody can have a baby. One who is ever present in the daily life of their child. It's not a game! It's a sacrifice mentally, spiritually, physically and financially.

No it's not Mother's Day, because that day is every day!

My wealth comes trifold when I see my kids being exceptional human beings, loving God, excelling and profiting in their gifts and being an asset to others.

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I thank the mothers who showed and show me the way. Too many to name who have impacted my life. My Aunts have always been a mother and I love all of them as such. More specific Rosie, Liz, Yvonne, Tanya and Freddie... thank you!

I recognize and give a toast to all the single, married, adopted, step-in and made into mothers who came before me and who make it happen every day. You are the hero to many.


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