Quick Tips to Manage Your Online Presence

If you are in business and your business is not online. Consider yourself at a disadvantage. You are missing out on so much money and more. 

Social media is the new marketing platform that allows you to meet people who have never heard of, seen or would ever buy from you without this platform being available. In essence, you and your business becomes global when you network online.

With thousands of people flocking to the different social platforms on a regular basis, if you want to grow, you need to be there too. This FREE guide Grow Your Social Business Online will give you step by step tips, strategies and goals to set you up for success with continued growth and marketability. 

Get with the program! Update your social skills. Meet new people! Expand your network and grow your networth. 

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When You Let Go and Just Be

Sooooo... for so long I struggled with a fear of heights. I wouldn't go near anything that was too high for me to jump, grab hold to or control.  Today I realeased that fear and did something that took my breath away. Look at what I would have missed if I had allowed my fear to control me. This changed my life forever and made me aware that I control my fear. Once you understand that, you can do anything, but fail. 

God gives us each the ability to soar in any and everything. We doubt ourselves which limits our growth. As of this day, my fear from heights has been reduced. I no longer will allow fear to keep me from living life free and to experience what once held me back. 

I challenge you to try something that freightens you. Make goals and keep them. Today is a great day to start.  Until next time, blessings and peace unto you. 

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Beware: Keep a Green Life

When I was younger I loved watching Popeye the Sailor man. He was my hero. Not only was he strong, he also loved Olive Oyl. 

Just like Olive Oyl, I was skinny. I didn't eat anything green as I thought all of it was gross. Besides, who thought of health back then. I was a picky eater. I ate the same foods with no variety. Chicken was and still is my favorite. Nevertheless, I had to eat whatever was cooked regardless of being picky or not. It was not an option in my house.

As an adult, I choose what I want to eat with options.  And of course I now pay attention to being healthy. I watch, I read, I listen and I adhere to how important it is to keep it green in your life. 

Today I live green. It is a daily part of my diet. Even if I don't like it, I make myself eat it because of the health benefits of green.

Popeye had spinach to be strong. Today nutritionist state not only will you be strong, but you will help fight disease by eating spinach because it is full of antioxidants. 

Spinach can be eaten raw or cooked. More vitamins are preserved if eaten raw. I often put spinach in smoothies, on sandwiches and in my veggie dishes. Anyway you eat it or drink it, you can't go wrong.

Being a #purposedwoman requires you to take care of yourself first. As we know it to be true, women take care of everyone as well and sometimes before themselves.

So here's to a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. May we prosper in a life full of green. 

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Blessings and happy living to you..

The Paycheck Scenario

On this day, many are blessed to receive a check and many are not due to circumstance. A check has become the staple in the household. With a check, one can not only enjoy the varried necessities, but the estravagant wants we all crave as well. 

A check has many limitations just as it has opportunities.

It's important to understand that if that check is not available due to job layoff, firing, company closing, job transfer, personal disability, illness or any other devestating life altercation, you and your family can be left at the hands and mercy of need. This can be catastrophic on so many levels.

The reality is there are a lot of people who are one paycheck away from being homeless and hungry. 

What would you do if you allowed yourself to be put in that situation? Yes... I said allowed. When you put all your eggs in one basket without being open to other options to keep yourself out of that situation, you allowed it to happen. 

Most get comfortable in their current situation and don't think about the possibility of having to be uncomfortable if something happens.

Do you currently have a savings, retirement and emergency plan that you feel comfortable with if you were put in an uncomfortable situation? 

The truth of the matter is many Americans state they are worse off than they were in previous years. According to a consumer sentiment survey, 40% state that they are living paycheck to paycheck. 39% state they fear losing their jobs. These are some startling numbers that seem to be the same if not worse.

So now that you are aware of these facts, does that change your perception of how important a check is to you and your family? If it does or if it doesn't, the point was to enlighten you. 

Unfortunately, many wait until a situation happens before they react. Then they are often pressured with stress, frustration and possible health issues.

I personally am working on being more proactive versus reactive. This response has afforded me the opportunity to have choice. 

If you are interested in speaking further about the many options to diversify your options and income, connect with me and lets collaborate. I love sharing information and great ideas. 

Well that's all for now. I hope you found this information enlightening and worthy of thinking about.

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Toodles... and happy weekend! Do something worth remembering. 




5 Strategies to Use Unemployment to Gain New Opportunities



I don't pity any man who does hard work worth doing. I admire him. I pity the creature who does not work, at whichever end of the social scale he may regard himself as being. -Theodore Roosevelt

Often times I hear people who are unemployed becoming depressed and eventually they give up when the job search is going a little slow. Even though things may not be happening as fast as you like, do something different to get the results you want and expect. Unemployment or being without income is never a good state for anyone to be in. After all, the bills don’t stop and will keep coming. You need money to live and do thing the things you so desire. Nevertheless, it’s not the end of the world. Use this hiatus to develop a better you. In the interim, you may be surprised of what you run across. It may be a blessing in disguise that your employer decided to cut ties.

  1. Volunteer – This opportunity can allow you to make some connections, diversify your skills, give back and learn something new. Volunteering is not only a feel-good aspect, it can shine light on your circumstances during a possible dark time. Not only will you feel good about giving back, you never know who you may run into. Someone may notice your skills and offer you a job. Most nonprofits and some for profit organizations need extra help because they are strapped for cash. Your efforts can not only be a blessing for them but you too. This can also be a filter for eliminating job gaps. 
  2. Start a home based business – Prospective employers love to see you use your time wisely. Not only will you earn extra income, you will be creating skills that could possibly aid in you obtaining that new gig. Look for an opportunity that aligns with what you were accustomed to doing or step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Attempting this endeavor can go in so many creative directions. It can enable you to keep your skills up to date and it can also possibly free you from ever depending on an employer ever again. It solely depends on how you look at it and what you do to make it work. Most people who start a home based business are so excited about the freedom, looking for a job becomes a thing of the past. Even if you happen to find a job, that extra income can be used to help you clear and become debt free. This too can be a filler for eliminating job gaps. Need some home-based business ideas? Contact me...  
  3. Go out and network!! – You can’t be seen at home behind your computer and sending out resumes. Everyone else is doing that too. Be different and set the pace! Have you ever heard the quote, “your net worth is tied to your network?” Go to lunch with an old or meet a new friend. Join a new organization. Go where working people are. Talk to them and make them aware you are seeking a new opportunity. Share your resume and engage in their talk. You never know who knows who. After all, that’s what the new work force looks like. Somebody who knew someone else. Each one help one and as a nation, we will succeed!       
  4. Read a book or several books – Reading is not only fundamental, it can enlighten you to new possibilities. It is through books that we learn new skills and think new thoughts. Find a book that is not only interesting, but one that delivers motivation to help you build upon your current skills or develop new ones. Skills are what makes us marketable. For starters, check out mine to give you a jump start with the process. There are tons of self-help as well as educational books on the market that offer the desire to create a new life for yourself.    
  5. Travel – Well you may say, “I’m unemployed and I don’t have the money or any to spare for that nature.” Take a risk and spend the minimum just to get out of your current environment which may not be offering results. This is a perfect time to do what you always wanted to do. Especially since you are reporting to you at this present time. In this travel, you will hopefully be renewed, given a little optimization, be able to focus in on what it is you really want and you never know, you may find a job in that new city and meet new connections. A vacation is always good to rejuvenate the mind and quantify what’s important in life.  

These 5 tips can not only create, they can provide what may have been missing in your life in the first place. When we are comfortable, the things outside the box often fall by the waist side. I have been on both sides of life, unemployed and employed. I can honestly say, when I was unemployed I had less time than I had when I was employed. If you use your time wisely and make every second count, you will realize that life is all about experiences and it’s up to you to create them.

I am Nichelle Womack. As a people building, life transition and business strategist, I specialize in helping you reach your greatest potential by providing information, inspiration, and motivation. I help you develop self-reliance and internal stamina. I provide engagement through community speaking events and one on one consultation. Positive thoughts and language are my fuel for energy and my desire to help you find yours. If you are interested in a free 15-minute session of coaching, contact me @ diversecc@gmail,com. Looking for more great life tips, check out "The Master Tip Manual for Personal Success" @http://amzn.to/1bWA7Vw . Many blessings and much success to you!! Connect with me on Twitter, Periscope & Instagram @NichelleWomack for direct connection.