7 Reasons Why YOUR Business May Need Life Support

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Being in business is not for the faint at heart. There will be ups and downs and so many spin arounds. The key to the process is to stay focused on your focus and your mission. Be open for suggestions and prepared for reorganization. Enlighten your mindset with these tips and strategies to gain perspective and hopefully get you back on track.

The tips shared in this episode are outlined below. To learn how to overcome them, listen to the above broadcast for clarity.

  1. Lack of follow up.
  2. Not Consistent.
  3. Not understanding the needs of your audience/client.
  4. You're trying to claim "expert" status instead of building a connection.
  5. Your business is starving for creativity.
  6. You're playing it too safe.
  7. Headed for the dollars and not focused on the change on the floor.

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