5 Obstacles That May Be Blocking Your Success


Most obstacles that confront us deal with fear, confusion, lack of knowledge, not enough money or negative self-talk. No matter what you do, obstacles will find you and attempt to block your success. It's important to understand that you have more authority over the situation than you think. Your thought process and how you react to the situation will enable you to be proactive versus reactive and achieve your goals in spite of. These 5 steps will serve as a reminder that when obstacles appear because they will, not only will you be prepared, you will persevere. 1. Rejection - this is a situation most of us have faced. It tends to hurt and make us feel incompetent in what it is we are trying to pursue. However, if you view rejection as a possibility of opportunity and a learning experience for growth, you will be less reluctant to allow rejection to hold you back.



2. Inadequacy - the feeling of not being as good as others can be a severe obstacle in achieving success. Understand that we all have different gifts and skills that make us unique and one of a kind. There is no need to compare yourself to others. Do what you know how to do and be willing to learn more. Strategically separate yourself from others and learn to competent in what you bring to the table.


3. Assumption - We assume that things are the same and typically we already have it figured out how it will end. Therefore you change nothing but expect different results. This is the definition of insanity with a super sense of hyper exaggeration. Be willing to get help and seek a new perspective.


4. Perfection - Many struggle with it everyday and it is a true reality. In fact, it is the life support of many failed dreams. As long as you seek things to be perfect, you will never get anything accomplished. Instead of perfection, strive for progress and determination. You will find that your results become focused and your ability to complete a task becomes real.


5. Security - Most people rely on the security of one thing or another in order to get them through. Security is something that is not assured. Therefore, instead of growing dependent, become independent in yourself and your skills. Nothing is guaranteed but life and death. Find strategies and solutions that will allow you to not only survive but thrive when things seem bleak.


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