5 "Must Do" Items When Starting a Business

Starting a business can be challenging in more than one way. The biggest struggles most complain about are of the availability of money, the use of time and how much or how little to network for business.  Most importantly, when starting your business, you need to specialize your priorities. By placing emphasis on these priorities, it will ensure the success of your home business. Listed below are 5 strategies you can implement immediately.

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  1. Clarify the culture of your business.

This sets the tone of how you will do business in and out of the home. If you are consistent with passion and enthusiasm in what you do, you will more than likely create an environment that is exciting and comfortable to be a part of. With that culture set in place, you will be able to impress and attract clients with your enthusiasm and passion for the business that you are doing. Having an enthusiastic side will draw in the clients and give you a huge competitive edge over other more established companies.

2. Value your time and demand it from others as well

When people know you are self-employed, they seem to believe you have time for everything they don't have time for. You must make others value your time. Time is of the essence daily and you need to mandate that in what you do. Losing track of time is an easy trap to fall into when you are working from home. Never put off what you have to do today for tomorrow. Set a timeline of what you have to do and set a daily goal each day for you to do. It would be helpful if you set a time period each day to work in your home business. Establish a routine so that you and others in the home are accustomed to your working hours. Schedule start time, lunch, breaks and ending time just as if you were working for someone else.

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3. Don’t be afraid to ask for sponsorship.

Starting a business can be costly. Especially if you are not prepared for unexpected cost. If you haven’t already saved money for your business venture, which is highly suggested, sponsorship is a great alternative. The good thing about working out of your home, you don’t have as many expenses as working from a brick and mortar establishment. Sponsorship can be done in various ways. Try crowdfunding, fundraising, small investors, local advertisement, family and friend contribution, etc. Sponsorship will come in handy when business is just starting out. It will enable you to get the supplies and other business necessities in advance without going too deep in debt starting off.

 4. Make networking a daily event.

Make it a priority to connect via social media, on the phone and in person. In the first year of your home business, it is important to develop new relationships and meet as many new people as you can. You can’t wait for a connection to happen by itself, you must be proactive. This may mean some aggressive movement of your own as well as getting out of the house to make it happen. It would not be out of order to start with a goal of connecting with at least 50 potential clients on a daily basis. Social media makes this easy. Also, sign up for meetups that are complementary to what you do.

5. Remain balanced in your life and business.

During the first year of business is when you set the tempo of your business. Don’t go into your new business working up to 18 hours a day, every single day. You need to give yourself a break or else you will quickly get burned out. Balance your business life with some family time or a hobby. Just remember, you determine how successful your home business is based on how much work, time and energy you put into it.

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Working from home can be a challenge. Being consistent in your daily activity, setting goals and following them will assist you in creating the type of business you desire. So get your priorities right and create home business success!

I am Nichelle Womack. As a people building consultant, I specialize in helping you reach your greatest potential through self-reliance and internal motivation.  I assist the dreamers, the aspiring and the new business owners to transition in their life with information and inspiration to start, market and grow into the CEO. For over 20 years I’ve been a business owner and worked in corporate America in several leadership positions.  And… for the last 10 years I’ve been the CEO of me with no J.O.B!  Positive thoughts and language are my fuel for energy and my desire to help you find yours. I can help you balance your life in and out of the boardroom with more control and authority. Looking for more great life tips, check out “The Master Tip Manual for Personal Success” @http://amzn.to/1bWA7Vw . Many blessings and much success to you!! Check out my websites @ www.nichellewomack.com and www.diversecc.com. Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram & Periscope @NichelleWomack